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Field - Class in com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed
To create an instance of this class you can add instances of class Validate and DateFormat like so:

Field field = new Field("TableName","ColumnName","JSonName");
String[] arguments = new String[]{DateFormat.DATE_ISO_822};
field.setValidator(new Validate(Validate.Type.DATE_FORMAT, arguments));
field.setDateFormat(new DateFormat(field, DateFormat.DATE_ISO_822));

Minimally, you need to provide both the Table name and the Column name of the field for the database when invoking any of the constructors.
Field(String, String, Field.Type) - Constructor for class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.Field
Constructor - the JSON name automatically gets the same name as that given for the database column name.
Field(String, String, String, Field.Type) - Constructor for class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.Field
Constructor - you can assign a different name for the field when Output sends out the JSON string.
Field.DIRECTION - Enum in com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed
Field.Type - Enum in com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed
fieldErrors - Variable in class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.FieldErrorsOutput
FieldErrorsOutput - Class in com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed
This class contains the members required to return a response to the client side whenever there is a FieldError during the validation phase over all Fields.
FieldErrorsOutput() - Constructor for class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.FieldErrorsOutput
files - Variable in class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.NonSSPOutput
files - Variable in class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.SSPOutput
files - Variable in class com.tacticalenterprisesltd.jed.UploadOutput
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