Uploading A File Directly To And Storing In The Database

The is a relatively new feature for Editor version 1.5.3. JED attempts to be flexible in that it allows you to not only upload your files, but to also store your files directly into the database, rather than storing them into some directory on the server. See the controller code under the JAVA tab to see how we configure JED to perform this function. Acceptable upload file types include: .txt, .xls,.xlsx,.doc, .docx, .pdf. The file size cannot exceed 50Kb.

When this page first loads, it will not likely display anything. In fact, will appear it is malfunctioning. It isn't! The table will display the label "loading...". The table will not display anything until you click the New button and upload a file. Keep in mind, however, that the system will delete that file from the database after your session closes.

Live example

File Name File Size Mime Type Last Modified
Loading data from server
File Name File Size Mime Type Last Modified