The majority of documentation involving DataTables you will find by visiting SpryMedia's website for DataTables and Editor. DataTables is a very feature-rich client side editable table for web applications. We do not attempt to duplicate the same information here.

What we do provide is the same type of documentation you would expect to support the library of classes designed to handle the server-side implementation for DataTables. To learn more, browse the JavaDocs for JED.

JED has been tested against three RDBMS (Rational Database Management System): MySQL (default), Microsoft's SQL Server, and Oracle. When it comes to connector drivers for SQL Server, be sure to get the one directly from Microsoft. Other distributions have too many bugs in them when formatting date values.

Consult the examples and tutorials sections for setup guides for your JEE environment and step you through a basic installation to get you up and running.


  1. Log4J - used to provide logging of error messages
  2. GSon - used to convert Java objects to JSON string
  3. commons-io -used to support commons-fileupload
  4. commons-fileupload - used to perform file upload procedures
  5. apache tika - used to perform validation on uploaded files to ensure their contents are what their extension seems to indicate

Database Drivers:

  1. MySQL JDBC Driver
  2. SQL Server JDBC Driver
  3. Oracle JDBC Driver

Database Developers Reference Manuals:

  1. MySQL Documentation
  2. SQL Server Documentation
  3. Oracle Documentation