JED For DataTables

Now providing support to the Java Enterprise Environment for DataTables© with JED© (Java Editor For DataTables)!

JED was written to support the JQuery plugin known as DataTables. DataTables alone is used to display tabular data, but it is READ ONLY. To allow for full CRUD (Create,Read, Update, and Delete) functionality, the author of DataTables, SpyMedia, created a companion plugin simply known as Editor. Both plugins are documented well and I encourage you to reference the websites for both: and The JQuery Editor plugin has supporting server side scripting written in PHP. If that is your platform, then great. However, many prefer to work on the Java platform.

At the time of this writing, JED supports DataTables v1.10 and Editor v1.6.3. This website is currently on the Java platform using JED version 1.7.

java datatables examples

Create customized editable tables.

Try editing some data now:

  1. Click the row you want to edit
  2. Select the Edit button
  3. Type in your new data and press Update and you are done!

That's how easy it is.

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Add customized, highly flexible, CRUD (Create,Read,Update,Delete) tables to web-applications with JED for DataTables. Interact with DataTables with our server side library of classes designed to provide the same functionality as the original PHP library.

JED is Open Source Software.
See how much time you can save!
Download JED v1.7 for the Java platform. Latest version uploaded August 9 2017
584 JED downloads to date.
Licensing is covered under the GNU General Public License, version 2

Download Package contains the latest version of DataTables 1.10.#. You will require the javascript file dataTables.editor.js version 1.6.# from obtainable from the trial download.

You have the trial period to test JED against the client side Editor javascript. If it suites your purposes, you will be required to purchase Editor from SpryMedia.

Complete Editing Solution

While we can't take credit for inventing DataTables, we are proud to provide support on the backend for the Java Enterprise Environment. SpryMedia provides a PHP library of classes for the backend known simply as Editor if this is your preferred environment. However, an increase in demand to support other environments for DataTables is apparent. Providing a dynamic, beautiful table / list editing interface is fundamental to many web-applications, but creating the software to provide all the features you want takes time. Enter JED - customized editable tables, for the powerful DataTables library, in virtually no time.


SpryMedia has complete supporting documentation for their DataTables and Editor. They have designed their Editor documentation as an API reference available on their website. Here too, we endeavour to provide you with a complete set of API JavaDoc documentation, so that you will know where to look for publicly available methods for every class along with easy examples to follow.

Java Server Side Libraries

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If you have not visited the home website for DataTables and Editor, we encourage you to do so to become familiar with all their examples and documentation. This site is Java centric and our examples, while they mirror those you find on the original website, make use of our Java class library to handle the server side processing. Learn what you can about the client side DataTables, but be sure to return if your programming environment involves Java Server Pages and Servlets.

Backed by DataTables

With DataTables providing the table display, you get a highly configurable table with features such as filtering, sorting, paging and scrolling with virtually no effort

Display and field plug-ins

No form or Editing display is the same, and you want your editing controls to fit in with the look-and-feel of your web-site. The client side Editor provides powerful field and display controller plug-ins to allow complete customization.

Tutorials and Examples

Starting out with a new software library can take a little time but time well spent to understand the full range of options JED has to offer. So we have a number of examples and tutorials to help you get started. And if you're new to Java seeking a quick step-by-step setup tutorial, check out our Getting Started Guide.